Competency Based Evaluation & Assessment Centers

Attracting, hiring and onboarding new employees is a comprehensive and time-consuming process, but how do you ensure that your talent continues to thrive and add value once in situ?

Our competency-based evaluations are designed to ultimately strengthen the employee-employer relationship, leading to engaged, motivated, and pro-active people with clear development goals and ambitions. Whether implemented as part of an established annual appraisal process, or used on an ad-hoc basis to assist with ongoing succession planning or organization design, the assessment and evaluation of existing employees is a critical element of ensuring that you have the right people in the right place at all times.

Assessment centers are more typically geared towards the initial recruitment process as a way of highlighting the strongest applicants in group situations, but can also be used during times of business transformation when highly sought internal promotion opportunities become available. With the right assessment criteria and focus, you will be better placed to select the right people, with the relevant skills and competencies, first time around. Assessment Centers are also a great opportunity to showcase your organization and culture, allowing candidates to make a more informed decision as to whether your environment is right for them. With both solutions, you can benefit from cost-efficiencies and the ability to more readily advance your business through its next stage of growth. 

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