Maptalent's Success in Building a High-Quality Contractor Base

Empowering Roshn's Real Estate Transformation

Discover how Maptalent played a pivotal role in Roshn's transformative recruitment initiative across KSA, UAE and the Middle East. With a focus on sourcing exceptional Project Managers, Technical Architects, and Operational Excellence specialists, Maptalent delivered outstanding results, surpassing targets and driving the bank's digital transformation forward.

Exceptional Talent for Technological Excellence

Sourcing Project Managers, Technical Architects, & Operational Excellence Specialists

At Maptalent, we understand the critical importance of assembling the right team to drive technological advancements. In collaboration with Roshn, we embarked on a mission to build a robust contractor base, handpicking top talent equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to propel the real estate and property development landscape forward.

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Seamless Recruitment Experience for Technological Excellence

From Sourcing and Onboarding to Ongoing Support

Through our partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, we provided a seamless recruitment experience, from sourcing and onboarding to compliance and ongoing support. We ensured that every contractor was carefully vetted, fully compliant, and equipped to contribute to the bank's technological transformation.

Surpassing Targets and Driving Digital Transformation Forward

Exceeding Expectations: Timely Delivery of Exceptional Talent

By setting an ambitious target of assigning 142 contractors within 24 months, Maptalent showcased our commitment to delivering exceptional results. However, our team's unwavering dedication and expertise enabled us to not only meet but exceed expectations. We successfully fulfilled the entire target within an impressive 18-month timeframe, showcasing our agility, efficiency, and ability to deliver ahead of schedule.


Maptalent Contractors Assigned


Months - Client Deadline Target


Months - Maptalent Fulfilled the Target


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Experience the Maptalent difference in recruitment.

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, Maptalent has once again demonstrated our ability to surpass expectations. By delivering exceptional results, exceeding targets, and fulfilling assignments within impressive timeframes, we showcase our commitment to excellence. Ready to unlock the full potential of your workforce? Contact us today and experience the Maptalent advantage firsthand.