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In an ever-changing and evolving world, with increasing skills shortages, constant technological advances, and shifts in employee demands and motivations, the pressure is on to find the best people to push your business to that next level.

At maptalent, we are passionate about all of these challenges and the multitude of ways in which employers can navigate their way through the talent attraction process, which is why we have a unique way of engaging and partnering with our customers which allows them to fully exploit every opportunity and advantage of working with a specialist recruitment consultancy.

We have no internal borders, restrictions, or corporate ‘red tape’, which translates into seamless delivery to our customers based on solid relationships regardless of location or industry. We have built our business around our people, recruiting only the best in their field, who demonstrate the right behaviours, motivations and passion to deliver on our core values. Our customer portfolio includes many of the largest and most high-profile employers in the region, from Fortune 500 companies, Giga development projects and global multinational businesses, to diversified family groups and fintech start-ups. Our candidate network is diverse yet specific to our areas of expertise, meaning we have a target audience who are fully engaged and keen to hear about our latest opportunities.

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Current Opportunities

We work with some of the most prominent and high-profile employers in the region, from Giga development projects and large multinational businesses, to diversified family groups and fintech start-ups. To browse current live vacancies in your area of expertise, click here…

Our Industries

Our team are some of the most experienced recruiters in their respective industries and have the utmost insight, knowledge and understanding of candidate’s career aspirations. They have been handpicked for their specific experience and deep technical knowledge within the below areas of expertise. In addition to these specific business lines, we also provide recruitment support across all other corporate functions including legal, sales and marketing.

Real Estate, Development & Property

Digital & Technology

Oil & Gas, Power and Energy

Construction & Engineering

Banking, Finance &

Human Resources


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