Contingency Process

Seamless Solutions for Urgent Hiring Needs with Speed, Precision, and Confidentiality

Contingency Recruitment Excellence: Unleashing Top Talent On-Demand

At Maptalent, we pride ourselves on our professional, failsafe, and confidential candidate contingency recruitment process. Our approach is designed to ensure that our clients have access to the best talent in the market, even on short notice or in urgent situations.

A professional methodology

Replacing Underperforming Resources

Feedback Week 1-4

Check the validity of the employee’s current medical insurance. Enrollment onto the sponsor’s medical insurance (if required).


Immediate transition planning commences. Maptalent identify contingency options if performance/concerns are not addressed.

Slick Execution

Engage in confidential search while current candidate is still engaged. Strictly professional & confidential services.


CV presentations, reference checks, managed expectations & financials. Alternative candidates are presented in 72 hours.


Interviews to provide potential alternative candidates. Preparation of all parties to interview and exchange feedback.

Selection or Restart

The alternative candidate is selected. Loop back to Phase 1: Feedback to begin the search for alternative candidates if needed.

A Premium Service

Fail-safe Contingency Planning at its Finest

Conducting Contingency Recruitment with Confidence

Swift Action: Rapid candidate identification & engagement.
Rigorous Processes: Sscreening, interview, technical competency assessments & qualification verification.
Seamless Integration: We foster a sound cultural fit, successful integration and long-term success.

Unparalleled Speed of Placement

Our premium services expedite the placement process, ensuring that you secure the right talent precisely when you need it.

97.3% Candidate Placement Success

97.3% of all candidates placed by Maptalent complete contractual obligations within their designated timeframe placement.

Distinctive Marketplace Dominance

Access a distinguished marketplace, attracting and engaging the crème de la crème of talent for your organisation's standout success.

Advanced Technologies

Driving Success: Strategic Talent Sourcing

Our process begins by understanding our clients' unique needs and requirements. We dive deep into their organisational culture, values, and goals to ensure a seamless fit with the talent we source. Leveraging our extensive network and market knowledge, we cast a wide net to identify top-tier candidates who possess the skills, experience, and cultural alignment necessary to drive success.

Revolutionary Recruitment

Drive your business into the future.

We go beyond the surface-level qualifications and delve into the essence of what makes a candidate truly exceptional. We assess not only their skills and experience but also their passion, drive, and cultural fit. We believe that the right cultural alignment is key to fostering long-term success and collaboration.