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Welcome to Maptalent Recruitment, your trusted partner in sourcing top-tier Human Resources professionals. We understand the critical role that HR plays in building successful organisations, and we are dedicated to helping you find exceptional talent that drives growth, fosters a positive work culture, and aligns with your strategic goals.

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We believe in providing a positive and seamless experience for both our clients and candidates. Our streamlined recruitment process, clear communication, and personalised approach create a positive impression of your organisation, reflecting your commitment to exceptional candidate experiences.


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The Managed Services field encompasses a wide range of specialisations, including talent acquisition, employee relations, learning and development, compensation and benefits, and HR analytics. With our expertise in each Managed Services domain, we can effectively match your specific requirements with candidates who possess the necessary expertise and experience.

People-Centred Success

Strategic Talent Acquisition and Cultural Awareness

We recognize the significance of cultural fit in HR roles, where professionals need to align with an organisation's values, work environment, and employee engagement initiatives. Our rigorous assessment and acquisition process includes evaluating candidates not only for their technical skills but also for their compatibility with your company culture.

Established in 2015

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The Brief

Recruitment mapping and business-critical qualifications

The Research

Competitor analysis, research and longlist identification

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Screening, interviewing and shortlisting

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Reference checks, expectation management and onboarding