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Maptalent's unmatched global reach and expertise extend across Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Wealth Management, Financial Analysis, and Risk Assessment.

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The World of Banking, Finance, and Accountancy

Maptalent excels in connecting exceptional talent with opportunities in the fast-paced and ever-evolving domains of banking, finance, and accountancy. With our deep expertise, global reach, and innovative approach to recruitment, we empower organisations to build high-performing teams and drive success in the competitive financial landscape.

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In the competitive world of banking, finance, and accountancy, partnering with Maptalent opens doors to exceptional talent, strategic placements, and growth opportunities.


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Our team of recruitment experts possesses extensive experience and specialised knowledge in the banking, finance, and accountancy sectors. We understand the unique requirements, skill sets, and nuances of these industries, allowing us to identify top talent and facilitate strategic placements.

Maptalent consistently delivers top-tier professionals who possess the financial acumen, analytical prowess, and strategic mindset required to drive financial institutions forward in today's dynamic market landscape.

Comprehensive Candidate Assessment

We employ rigorous assessment methodologies to evaluate candidates' technical skills, industry knowledge, and cultural compatibility.

Through in-depth interviews, psychometric assessments, and reference checks, we provide our clients with a holistic perspective on potential hires, ensuring they make informed decisions.

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The Brief

Recruitment mapping and business-critical qualifications

The Research

Competitor analysis, research and longlist identification

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Screening, interviewing and shortlisting

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Reference checks, expectation management and onboarding