Recruitment Process

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We believe that traditional hiring practices are outdated and limit the potential of both employers and candidates. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to revolutionise the way talent is discovered, evaluated, and matched with the right opportunities.

Recruitment Process

Our Proven Search Methodology

The Brief

Business-critical qualifiaction and a plan-of-action formulated

The Research

Identification of direct and indirect competitors, longlist creation

The Headhunt

Screening and interview qualification rounds, shortlist creation

The Presentation

Reference checks and managing expectations of qualified candidates

The Interview

Identify issues and manage, prep all parties, exchange feedback

The Close

Presentation of offer and counters, exit strategy and contractual signing

The Art of Talent Discovery

Pioneering Recruitment for Unmatched Results

A simple, fool-proof set of recruitment values

In-depth understanding of company cultures
Leveraging our extensive network and market knowledge
Data-driven, technology and innovation forward thinking

Exquisite Talent Search & Curation

Maptalent's recruitment premium services meticulously curate a handpicked selection of top-tier talent for unparalleled precision in matching skills and cultural fit.

Unparalleled Speed of Placement

Our premium services expedite the placement process, ensuring that you secure the right talent precisely when you need it.

Distinctive Marketplace Dominance

Maptalent's services grant access to a distinguished marketplace, attracting and engaging the crème de la crème of talent for your organisation's standout success.

Recruitment Process

Understanding Resource Requirements


Define & determine the role requirements, project deliverables, onboarding timeline & flexibility available.


Candidate technical competency, relevant industry expertise, current designation, responsibilities & compensation breakdown.


Presenting selected CVs within the designated timeframe agreed upon from the day of the job specification being taken.

The Presentation

Final reference checks, expectation management and deployment of designated resourced to complete onboarding.

Advanced Technologies

Driving Success: Strategic Talent Sourcing

Our process begins by understanding our clients' unique needs and requirements. We dive deep into their organisational culture, values, and goals to ensure a seamless fit with the talent we source. Leveraging our extensive network and market knowledge, we cast a wide net to identify top-tier candidates who possess the skills, experience, and cultural alignment necessary to drive success.

Revolutionary Recruitment

Redefining the Path to Exceptional Talent

We go beyond the surface-level qualifications and delve into the essence of what makes a candidate truly exceptional. We assess not only their skills and experience but also their passion, drive, and cultural fit. We believe that the right cultural alignment is key to fostering long-term success and collaboration.